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Go from a standing start to a winning strategy in just 2 days

Gain more clients now via LinkedIn: 2-day Masterclass & Strategy Workshop for B2B

Want your tills to ring in a post-COVID future? Take action, put in the work today!
It's not Christmas unless you are under 10, and it's not a public holiday. We may be in it together, but we will emerge as winners and losers as in every other recession, however, caused.


FREE mini-workshops are being held throughout May & June 2020  
To be eligible for offers and discounts, and to be kept in the loop, please pre-register your interest below.

Location: Online via Zoom

Who is this for

It's for you if you hate selling but need more clients. Book today, if you run a B2B* company or consultancy, (ideally) willing to invest in a LinkedIn premium account and any of the following are true:

  • you want more clients,

  • you want high-value and long term clients

  • you get "likes" and comments but have yet to close a deal from LinkedIn

  • you are relatively new to LinkedIn or may not have used it to win business

  • you may never have sold before or you hate pushy selling

  • alternatively, you ace at selling but want to update your social selling skills

  • you provide professional services - e.g. accounting, HR, law, business consulting, coaching, training, etc

  • you are willing to invest the time necessary and have the patience to see it through

  • you want things broken down for you so you can quickly assimilate what is relevant for you and your business and readily put it into practice

  • You like learning in small groups - numbers will be limited

* B2B&C, B2G or B2C (where your customers are high net-worth individuals or business people) can also benefit. Register your interest to find out more.

What you will learn
  • How to use LinkedIn to gain more clients without being pushy or "salesy"

  • How to get LinkedIn to send you top prospects in your industry automatically

  • How to effortlessly raise your profile so you are in the top 5% on LinkedIn in your industry

  • How  I tripled the number of profile views I get on LinkedIn, why that is important and how you could do that too

  • The exact process I used to gain over 250k in fees from LinkedIn and how you can adapt it for your business.

  • The tools, tips and tricks to softly* automate the heavy lifting so you can spend time developing relationships

  • How to fit LinkedIn into your business development process and take it offline into the "real" world

You will leave with:

  • A clear idea of who your customers are, why you need to know the niche they are in and exactly where to find them.

  • Why you need to audit your LinkedIn profile, how to do it and how to fix any problems highlighted

  • A clear LinkedIn business development strategy including helping you to find at least 20 people to approach and how to approach them

  • A swipe file of all the templates and scripts


* We do not advocate the use of aggressive robots that will turn off your audience and likely get your LinkedIn account deleted by LinkedIn, losing you your hard-won connections.

Teaching style
  • This is a practical workshop rather than a “chalk and talk”, death by PowerPoint presentation.

  • The focus is on “workshopping” the content so you have the confidence and practical strategies that you will start to implement before you leave the training room.

  • Hence we suggest you BYO laptop to get the most from the training. BYO = "Bring Your Own"

Why us? Why Now?

LeadGender Selling Solutions SAAS Launch

To launch our SAAS (Sales As A Service) product LeadGender Selling Solutions is collaborating with Powerfulworkshops Training to put on this LinkedIn strategy workshop.

Whereas we would love it if you continued on to be long term customers, the workshop stands on its own. For this reason, we can not say when or indeed, if, we will run this workshop again.

You are thus reminded to pre-register today your interest in order to guarantee a chance to purchase one of the limited seats. 

Not all LinkedIn training courses are created equal

Many LinkedIn training courses will give you a quick overview that you could easily find on LinkedIn's help pages.

LeadGender Selling Solutions will lift the lid and show you the inside story of how expert and professional lead generators and B2B salespeople really use LinkedIn and aligned software tools to win clients.

During the workshop, we will work with you to integrate what we teach you about LinkedIn into your business development process so you can go away and do it yourself, or allow us to do it for you.

Meet the Trainers, Speakers & Facilitators

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Dell James
Guest Speaker
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Joe Mama

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Guest Speaker

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Andrew Coppin
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