Are you a CEO or business owner ready for your next million?

  • Have you already set up in business, won your first client or two and are now ready to scale up?

  • Is the uncertainty of stop-start, boom-bust income, sapping your energy and chipping away at your self-confidence?

  • The world has changed, and some things aren’t going back the way they used to be. What will that mean for you? Are you positioned to take advantage of the opportunities and defend against the threats?


"The world has changed, and some things aren’t going back to the way they used to be.

Be prepared! Get in gear. Join our brand-new “Sell to The board“ Mastermind. Starts July 2021.

To find out more and join the waitlist, book an advisory call now. Numbers will be strictly limited, and only "super implementors" will be invited to join.

The best bit about the programme is that in addition to access to experts on all aspects of winning corporate clients, you will mastermind with your peers who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and who will also help to hold you accountable so you make the breakthroughs you seek. 

Additionally, you will learn:

  • How to choose which client prospects to target and key accounts to pursue as the country opens without tossing and turning with indecision - we have a tool that will kill that torment dead

  • How to adapt the 9 Levers shown to drive successful selling to corporates to your business

  • How to shake off limiting beliefs once and for all, without the woo woo, using proven psychological techniques 

  • How to configure LinkedIn and Sales Navigator to achieve the three levels of visibility needed to make winning corporate clients a breeze


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